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The legal team at Accident Lawyers has over 35 years of collective experience in assisting the injured in seeking top value settlements in these very important legal claims.

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Los Angeles Wrongful Death Attorney

Helping Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones in Serious Accidents

Wrongful death is a civil suit concerning the death of a person that was caused due to another’s negligence, recklessness, or intent to harm. Because civil courts only require a preponderance (majority) of evidence against the defendant, it is a good route for family members seeking retribution for the death of a loved one. The same case in criminal court would require the guilt of the defendant to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Our attorneys are committed to helping Southern California residents bring wrongful death suits against those who are responsible for their loss. In this emotionally trying time, the last thing you need to worry about is finances: medical expenses, funeral costs, or future living expenses. By suing the responsible party in civil court, our lawyers can help you get monetary compensation for wage loss, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and more. With a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer from our firm to protect your interests and take the proper approach to your case, you can feel confident that you will have the opportunity to seek the best result possible. Though we cannot go back and prevent your loss from occurring in the first place, we can help you seek justice and recover compensation that will ease the financial burden you may be carrying as the result of your loss.

Wrongful Death Cases in Los Angeles, CA

California courts see most wrongful death suits brought about by the spouse, children or parents of the deceased – who act as personal representatives of the decedent’s estate. By attaining the representation of one of our skilled attorneys, you experience an innovative and aggressive defense that greatly increases your chances of a ruling in your favor.

Wrongful death can be caused by one of many accidents or actions. Some of the causes of wrongful death include auto accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, airplane accidents, falls, including slip and fall accidents, accidental poisoning, choking, fires and violence/criminal activity. Our firm handles all of these and cases that relate to workplace accidents, medical negligence and dangerous products and drugs, seeking to hold the responsible party accountable for their conduct. Whether it is an individual person or a company that is to blame, we will seek justice on our client's behalf, using our experience and resources to seek the best result possible.

Due to one person’s careless attitude or misconduct, a life can be taken without warning. Sometimes this can be the fault of someone you trusted, such as a doctor who performs a surgery incorrectly or a school bus driver who drives while intoxicated. Either way, it is the job of our attorneys to prove the fault of the responsible party and to bring them to justice.

Have you lost a loved one due to another person’s negligence? Contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney at our firm.

Los Angeles Wrongful Death Attorney

Take this opportunity to learn more about your options and rights in the wake of a personal injury or accident of any kind. Contact a Los Angeles Wrongful Death Attorney at our law firm today for more information and help with your claim.

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The legal team at Accident Lawyers has over 35 years of collective experience in assisting the injured in seeking top value settlements in these very important legal claims. An experienced Stockton car accident lawyer at our firm can provide high quality legal representation in virtually any type of car accident claim.


Wrongful death can have one of many causes. In California, auto accidents are one of the most common causes of wrongful death. Highly congested roads and highways and inattentive or careless drivers can easily cause an auto accident in the blink of an eye.


If a dangerous product or defective drug led to your loss, our law firm may be able to help you take legal action against the responsible party. At Accident Lawyers, we represent consumers throughout the greater LA area in all types of product liability claims related to defective products


Most adults spend a great deal of time at work. Whether you work in construction or at a desk in an office building, may occur. If a fatal workplace accident led to the loss of a loved one, a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer at our law firm may be able to help.


In the event of an airplane accident, passengers are likely to sustain catastrophic injuries or lose their lives.


Any auto accident may cause catastrophic or fatal injuries. If you have lost a loved one in a fatal auto accident in the Los Angeles area, an attorney at our law firm may be able to help you. With our law firm's assistance, you may be able to file a  wrongful death claim against the driver or other party that caused the accident to occur.


If you have lost a loved one as a result of medical negligence in a Los Angeles hospital or medical care center, you may have the right to file a  wrongful deathclaim against the facility or the doctor that caused your loss.

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